With a global ramifications and local focus UBC rely on it six prominent divisions


Conducts different formats events, activities, workshops, and manifestations.

UBC Events is a division which conducts different formats events, activities, workshops, and manifestations

based on business developments, technology, entertainment, creativity, honour awards for achievements etc. It also aims to conduct exhibitions and trade fairs.

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UBC Connect is a networking division where members of this community connects with other fellow members of different domains also connect with mentors of UBC.

This division helps members to collaborate and get benefitted in all terms.

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UBC Capital is an investment division.

UBC Capital possess a group of potential investors or capitalist to invest or to fund in any new ideas, startups etc to bring them in to limelight and grow them successful.
Startups,IdeasInnovations, Creavitity,

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UBC Media is a division of exposing medium.

We focus on outwitting new and innovative ideas, startups, art, entertainment, creativity, social activism etc through various media platforms.
Platforms Like Blog, Magazine (UBC Flash), You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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Aims to conduct exhibitions and trade fairs.

Different types of exhibition hosted by UBC are:

Information & Technology Expo
Retail Expo

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UBC honours the excellence of their capabilities members by giving a recognition.

UBC Awards is legitimately genuine honour for the achievements and the achievers on different fields of businesses

  1. UBC Magnate of the year
  2. UBC Creator of the year
  3. UBC Entertainer of the year
  4. UBC Woman Achiever of the year
  5. UBC Student Achievers of the year

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Our Event Highlights

Kick Starter 2019

A thrust to Bussiness

Bussiness Coffee Meet

with Karaidi Selvan

Business Meet Up

with Founder of SnackExperts

Dynamic event session


Coffee Meet

Founder of Sandwich Square

Coffee Meet

with Abishek Raaja

UBC Networking Principles

UBC is a business network community works for improving the economic efficiency or economic growth of the country in terms of businesses, creativity, entertainment, social and political aspects.

Aashiq / UBC Global.

Our Team

Aashiq Ahamed
Founder & Director

Popularly known as Aashiq, basically an electrical engineer and MBA - Marketing from Sikkim Manipal University. He is a passionate entrepreneur, a technocrat, music artist, a movie buff etc.

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Mohan Thas Shanmugam

Popularly known by his middle name Thas, having 20+ years of experience in digital transformation. He is a small time investor and co-authored ebook ‘Krishna the CXO’.

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