UBC Connect is a networking division where members of this community connects with other fellow members of different domains also connect with mentors of UBC. This division helps members to collaborate and get benefitted in all terms like referral businesses, channel to find clients, get a relevant guidance by experienced member of same domain, get high network contacts etc. In this division we have two types of connect which are as follows.

  • Member Connect:

    UBC member connect attendees span the spectrum from founders of mature companies, entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, professionals from top corporates leading venture capital firms to thought leaders to senior executives and technology professionals.

    • Member Meet ups

    • Online Connect

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  • Mentor Connect:

    Network for mentor education and networking to help entrepreneurs and those starting up their ventures. Everyday, someone is mentored with UBC ecosystem and guided towards the relevant footpath to achieve success. Besides creating wealth the organisation also works to demolish poverty and unemployment by fostering entrepreneurship globally.

    • Capitalist

    • Sales & Operations

    • Technology

    • Marketing

    • Retail

    • Art

    • Entertainment

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